About the Artist

Ultimately I want to make a connection with the viewer. In expressing my own unconscious I want to inspire an emotional, even contemplative response, one that draws the viewer in and invites a reaction through their own memories and feelings. A kind of unconscious dialogue.

When sculpting I mostly work with plaster which allows a good degree of spontaneity with the necessity of working quickly as it dries. I love to use sensual sweeping lines incorporating deeply textural surfaces which add further language to the forms.

Over the last couple of years I have discovered painting and I really enjoy the immediacy and spontaneity this medium offers; I delight in the use of colour and the textural qualities which echo those in my sculptural work. The dripping and swirling of paint without forethought or planning, using large, sweeping energetic movements results in dynamic intuitive paintings.

My MA course in Art & Science (2016/18) at Central Saint Martins, London has enabled me to connect my work with my first degree in Psychology and the neuropsychological and psychoanalytical aspects of making art.

My work is held in private collections across the globe and I have undertaken numerous commissions (including two publically visible sculptures in St Ives, Cornwall) and frequently show in mainstream London shows and exhibitions. I am represented by Box Galleries in Chelsea, London and am an Associate of Penwith Gallery in St Ives.

“I seek to express my emotional world and to probe what it is to be human…”